Thursday, February 21, 2008

Papervision test

For some reason I'm really crap at finding documentation about stuff online.

So it took me a while to download Papervision3d, and get started, but as soon as I got the sources installed I was ready to go to mess around a bit, and finally make this little test.

Simple papervision scene navigation

You can navigate around the scene using the cursor keys, press shift and left-right for strafing, and if you press space you go up :)

Unfortunately, after I made this, I found out that the source I downloaded from the papervision site was the OLD version of papervision. V1.5 or something, while 2alpha was already out. But for some reason, not available on the papervision site itself.

Or.. i was just looking in the wrong spot?

Anyway, I had to download the new version from Ralph's blog

Haven't been able to mess with it yet though, hopefully soon :)

I've setup FlashDevelop at home now, which looks promising, but haven't gotten round to using it yet.

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