Thursday, June 19, 2008

Panoramacube for Silverlight 2beta2

Rob and I have cleaned up the Panorama viewer code and made it into a Silverlight Component which can now be easily used in your projects.

The antialias lines have been removed using overlapping, which I've wanted to do for my first version, but hadn't gotten it right quite yet.

After seeing that Florian Kr├╝sch pulled it off in his texture triangle control, I decided to give it another try myself and it worked!

Also added are camera and zoom functions so you can control the panorama from c#

Go to the project page on Codeplex

View the example if you have Silverlight 2beta2 installed.

Have fun!


  1. Hi matey,

    Thanks so much for this. Great work! I'm just wondering how do you produce the panorama images for your cube? I've tried taking different shots and then stitching them together in a single panorama and then slicing it up but I don't get nearly the same smoothness as you do! Yours looks like you're actually there.

    If you could drop me an email at douglas dot lim at gmail dot com that would be much appreciated.

    I'm learning as I go :)

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  3. I came across your article here through a Google search. I had a look at codeplex but cann't find any source code. Is it still available? Are you willing to hand it out? I appreciate your answer at gomi42 at gmx dot de.