Saturday, January 26, 2008

Particle Fun

Using particles is fun, I've started working on my own Particle class for as2.0 (WHY as2.0 ? well, we have fidgety customers who still demand flashmovies in flash 8 or even flash 7 or 6 to be published by us :( )

Instead of the usual fireworks, sparks, explosions, clouds, etc, I've put together a small pseudo-game that was only meant for my collegues to show what other stuff you can do with particls. I've created a small game with it.

What it does :
- star particles, that move according to the relative position of the mouse compared to the middle of the screen. And that stretch to fake a motion-blur effect as they go faster.
- fake depth, slower stars are less bright.
- asteroid particles, which are the same as star-particles, but they dont rotate and stretch.
- missile - a plain particle with movement that gets shot out from the spaceship when you press the mousekey.
- spaceship - asteroid collision detection... hit an asteroid, and boom. your ship will explode in a fiery explosion... well it would have, if i had any graphics skills ;)

What it does NOT do:
- garbage collection. leave the movie on too long and it will just slow down your system :)
- the missile is just for show, it wont hit anything, and the movement is not correct. To have 'working' missiles you'd need to make the coordinates and speed in 'particle space' relative to the spaceship, take velocity into account etc... this is just a particle that moves like a rocket... as long as you dont turn away after you've fired :P
- no score or anything.
- 'tis just a particle demo.

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