Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Hi and welcome to my flash-blog.

After attending Flash on the Beach 2007 in Brighton, I've met some new flash developer friends, who showed interest in what I made, and asked for my blog address, which I didn't have at the time..

I've been wanting to put some of my work online, maybe even write a tutorial or two, but I needed a website for that first and I never got 'round to making one.

Then, at Flash on the Beach, my new friends pointed out to me that I should just signup for a free blog somewhere and start putting stuff online, without having to write a whole new website for it first :)

So here we are.

I shall now make some posts about the last couple of games I made at work.
Artwork is usually not done by me, we have our own skilled artists at our company, I just do the coding bit :)

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